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Lingual orthodontics or invisible braces is a kind of invisible and extremely aesthetic orthodontic treatment due to being placed on the inner surface of the teeth. It is the ideal choice for young adult patients who do not want to display the apparatus during the duration of the treatment and not have their career or social life affected in any way.


Invisalign is a new treatment method that uses advanced technology to create a series of devices called aligners tailored to suit you. The aligners, virtually invisible, reposition your teeth to get a smile you will feel proud of.

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These brackets are crystal clear, providing orthodontic treatment that is nearly invisible. Sapphire brackets are like a jewel in your teeth, they do not stain and remain transparent throughout the treatment, being one of the most requested in our clinic by patients that seek orthodontic dental aesthetics of the highest quality.


Add some fun to your teeth with braces Wild Smiles. With these extra brackets you can design your smile, adding shapes of stars, flowers, hearts, diamonds or even soccer balls, gaining a unique smile!


Metal brackets: Known for their great resistance, these are the most widely used type of bracket, especially in children. We also have next-gen brackets with advantages for all types of patients, these are more comfortable and provide better results in a shorter time.

Aesthetic brackets: These use a technique similar to that of metal brackets but with the advantage of being more attractive, have virtually the same color as your teeth.


Preventive orthodontic treatment starts from 0 to 6 years providing early detection of orthodontic problems, which if neglected, could become difficult and expensive malocclusions to treat. This specialized treatment is very simple and therefore uses simple equipment.


This treatment can be applied to patients ranging from 6 to 12 years old, this phase includes a series of procedures aimed at reducing the severity of dental malocclusion problems.

In this phase:

     ● We correct any skeletal abnormalities that might be present given the great plastic capacity of bones at this age.

     ● We correct the distortions of the dental arches that alter chewing functionality and aesthetics.

     ● We detect bad habits that affect dental development and correct them.

     ● We place space maintainers and wideners to prepare for the arrival of permanent teeth, if necessary.

     ● We reeducate the chewing function.

     ● We provide advice on good dental hygiene.


When the jaws do not develop in a normal way, we need to begin treatment as soon as possible to avoid as much damage as possible caused by this abnormal growth.

If the problem isn’t dealt with or if this pathological growth isn’t stopped in a timely fashion the patient reaches adulthood with an skeletal deformity that affects the aesthetics of the face. To correct this deformity, it is necessary to complement orthodontic treatment with surgical treatment.

The sequence of this type of treatment is the following:

1.-First phase of the orthodontic treatment (pre-surgical)

Brackets are applied with the aim of placing the teeth in a correct pre-surgical position with their respective arches. This first phase lasts for about a year.

2.-Surgical treatment:

Consists of an operation under general anesthesia in the operating room and hospitalization for several days with the intention of correcting the shape, form, size and/or position of the upper and/or lower jaw.

3.-Second phase of the orthodontic treatment (post-surgical):

After surgery, it is necessary to continue with multi-bracket orthodontic treatments in order to complete the adjustment of the upper and lower jaw and adjust the relationship between them.